Grand Pianos vs Upright Pianos

  • Price

    • Grand pianos tend to be more expensive than upright pianos. If you are considering buying a grand piano, take into consideration whether or not you want to invest a large amount of money for a high quality instrument.

    • Upright pianos are less expensive, but also somewhat lesser quality than grand pianos. It is better to buy a good quality upright piano than buying a cheap grand piano that is not in good condition.

  • Sound Quality

    • Grand pianos have longer strings, which give the player a better key feel and keys that are more sensitive to the amount of pressure used by a piano player. This gives grand pianos a superior sound quality as far as dynamics are concerned.

    • Upright pianos have shorter strings, which limits sensitivity to the pianist’s dynamic range. An upright piano emits sound from the back end, which is usually placed against a wall. An upright piano may have lesser sound quality than a grand piano.

  • Size

    • Grand pianos are much bigger than upright pianos and require a large area of space in your home. Since the positioning of the grand piano is more flexible, a large grand piano may still comfortable fit in a smaller room.

    • Upright pianos are very space efficient. Usually they are placed right up against a wall, so you must make sure you have set aside wall space for your upright piano.

  • Moving costs

    • Since grand pianos are larger, they will require more money to move. Upright pianos are smaller and cheaper to move. If your dealership includes the cost of moving in the price or offers a free move with a purchase, the size of the piano may be irrelevant.

  • Upright vs. Baby Grand

    • If you’re not able to afford a large, quality grand piano, you may be tempted to buy a baby grand piano. It is often recommended you choose a quality upright piano over a baby grand. Upright pianos typically have a better sound quality than baby grand pianos.

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