Acoustic Pianos vs Digital Pianos

  • Price

    • One advantage of digital pianos is that they are very affordable. In addition to a lower purchase price, digital pianos do not require any maintenance costs (tuning, voicing, acoustic repair, etc.)

  • Skill Level

    • If you are still at a beginner level, it may be a wise decision to start out with an inexpensive digital piano or keyboard. However, if your budget allows, invest in an acoustic piano. It will help build your experience playing on an actual piano with dynamic contrast and pedals.

  • Features

    • Higher end digital pianos have features that allow you to mimic the sound and key feel of an acoustic piano. Digital pianos can also include pedals that mimic those of an acoustic piano.

    • Unfortunately, some of the more affordable digital pianos don’t have these features. Digital pianos are no match for an acoustic piano as far as sound quality and aesthetics. If you have a small budget, however, a digital piano is a great place to start.
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